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Father Xmas - pls help him find this monkey

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shouldbeironing · 30/11/2009 14:14

My DD has written her Xmas letter for "Sata"

She has only asked for 2 things. 1 is no problem. The other one has come out of the blue - she wants "a monkey that hangs around your neck" (I have corrected her spelling here!)and when I asked her about this she said that it goes around your neck and your waist as well and cuddles you. (It is a toy though!)

She says she saw someone with one when we were out a week or so ago - I did not personally see this so I have no idea what she is talking about (other than what she has told me obviously) and no idea where to get something like this. I did a quick google but didnt come up with any obvious answers.

Any ideas anyone? Santa needs help.

OP posts:
Rhubarb · 30/11/2009 14:15

Could be a monkey rucksack.
Or more like those toys with ridiculous long arms and legs with magnets on so they hang on things. ds has the giraffe, I'll go and see if I can read the label for a makers name.

nickelbabe · 30/11/2009 14:16

try hawkin's bazaar

they have hanging monkeys that tie on with velcro so you can hang it round your neck

Rhubarb · 30/11/2009 14:18

Hmm, he got his from M&S but they don't do them anymore. I'm thinking of something like this but their arms and legs are longer.

Baconsarnie · 30/11/2009 14:19

Is it this one? (can't do links, sorry)

It doesn't actively hang on around your neck, but its arms/legs are quite long for giving a good cuddle. DS loves his.

RedFraggle · 30/11/2009 14:22

Maybe like this

Hulababy · 30/11/2009 14:24

DD has one. It is a soft toy monkey that has long arms and legs, with velcro ont he paws so you can fasten it round yourself.

Got DD's from the toy shop at Centre Parks, but I am sure I have seen them hanging up in the soft toy bit of Toys R Us.

thesockmonsterofdoom · 30/11/2009 14:25

dd has a frog that hangs off stuff with velcro, it came from toy r us.

Merrylegs · 30/11/2009 14:26


Ds has the gibbon (£8). The arms fit nicely around his neck, legs around waist.

Hulababy · 30/11/2009 14:26


Rhubarb · 30/11/2009 14:27

Here, they're all out of stock though.

Rhubarb · 30/11/2009 14:28

PSML at the pose on this one!

shouldbeironing · 30/11/2009 14:38

Oh thank you for all these replies - now I dont know which of these monkeys it could be but at least I have something to work on. I am planning a visit to Toys'r'us anyway so I will check there first!

I really dont think it is a rucksack as DD said its hands went round your neck and I got the impression it was very much a toy.

Merrylegs - I think it might be along those lines - how old is your DS who has the gibbon? (Am trying to work out if this is big enough).

OP posts:
Merrylegs · 30/11/2009 14:48
  1. Still fits (although snugly!). He had it when he was 5 and carried it around a lot, actually. The gibbon (first orangey one on that link) is def the nicest I've seen. (Hands and feet are velcroed) The make is Wild Republic.
shouldbeironing · 30/11/2009 14:56

Thanks Merrylegs - sounds perfect. I might even go for more than one as she can join them up and have a family (she likes that sort of thing )

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