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aqua beads

4 replies

leamac · 24/11/2009 17:51

6 year old wants aqua beads, would appreciate opinions on them

OP posts:
TheGashlycrumbTinies · 24/11/2009 17:58

We had a Sean the Sheep set as a birthday gift.

They are fairly time consuming, and not in a good way.

Model tend to fall to bits fairly quickly, ours all ended up in the bin within a week.

I'm a arts and crafts type person as are DD's but we all found them a bit fidley, dull, and not worth the effort.

wingandprayer · 24/11/2009 18:05

My 5 year old DD loves them, keeps her
busy for hours. Far better than hama beads IMO

leamac · 26/11/2009 22:49

thanks for replies, maybe just get a small kit to try them

OP posts:
dearprudence · 26/11/2009 23:01

IME aqua beads are difficult to line up - they move about. And because you set them with water you have to wait hours for them to dry, during which time you can't re-use the tray.

I much prefer hama beads. More contrasting colours make stronger pictures and patterns. You iron them, so they're done and set in about 5 mins.

DS (who is very crafty) had both at 5. He is now 7, and hama is still going strong, while the aqua has been sent to charity shop.

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