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what bedtime animal type thing that lights in the dark can i give 3 year old ds1?

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mad4myboys · 23/11/2009 10:52

ds is 3 1/2 and he seems to have quite an issue with the dark, he sleeps through but when i turn out the (dimmed) light he gets all upset saying he cant see etc but there is a nightlight on the monitor in there that is reasonably bright. Thinking about something that glows in the dark that he can hug, like a bear/toy? Ive looked at that glow in the dark bear that you clap your hands and it changes colour but it says it has short battery life and not to be kept on for long periods which is no good. Anyone and ideas?

OP posts:
JetSetWilly · 23/11/2009 10:55

A glo worm ?

mad4myboys · 23/11/2009 11:04

thanks, i have seen these a while ago (forgot about them!) do you know anything about them? Any idea if it can glo without music or how long it stays on for?

OP posts:
posieparker · 23/11/2009 11:10

My dcs had these we have all but the rabbit. The nice thing is they recharge during the day and then are on all night, without being plugged in. They're not great for cuddling.

mad4myboys · 23/11/2009 11:11

thanks posie, i took him into jojomamanbebe shop to look at them and he wasnt interested at all.... think it needs to be something to cuddle?

OP posts:
mad4myboys · 24/11/2009 19:47

ok so just had another awful time getting him to bed. I really think he needs something to cuddle but am worried about hairy things due to his asthma. I showed him a pic of the glo worm and he likes the look of it but im not sure it isnt too babyish. Any other suggestions??

OP posts:
Grandhighpoohba · 24/11/2009 19:55

Ikea sell soft plastic lamps that look like ghosts, you charge up in the day using detachable charger and they run for about 8 hrs. Soft and rubbery, but not fluffy, comes in different shapes and colours. Maybe not as "cuddly" as you were thinking.

ShirleyL · 27/11/2009 13:27

We have the glow worm, its lovely but it doesn't stay lit for very long and the music has to be played for the light to be on. DD has got a teletubby that tummy lights up, not very bright to light a room but its ok for her, it stays on with the light for a few mins and it also plays the teletubby tune.

TopSop · 27/11/2009 13:38

We have a Twilight Turtle - soft legs and belly, but a hard shell that projects constellations of stars on the ceiling. Works best if it is placed on a bedside table so it can project on the ceiling - it's a super little nightlight, with a timer so it goes off after about 30-40 minutes.

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