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Is the Playmobil Playground Set any good?

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nappyaddict · 12/11/2009 23:50

Saw it on offer in Toys R Us and was tempted. It says from age 4+, do you think it would be OK for a just turned 3 year old or is that too young?

OP posts:
pigsinmud · 13/11/2009 11:14

I've just been looking at that too! I think I'm going to get it for my 3.5 year old.

It doesn't look too fiddly. I know some playmobil sets have lots of tiny accessories, but this one looks quite straight forward.

JustAsWelliLikeLego · 13/11/2009 16:58

Got it for DS (3.5 now) last Christmas. It's quite a nice set. Not as fiddly as other ones I agree
Noce swingy rounabout and stuff - defo recommend

BertieBotts · 13/11/2009 17:09

I'm guessing you mean the other one but I used to have this one: Playground Superset or something similar (I don't remember the skate ramp, but it did have a BMX type bike and a skateboard so maybe I just lost it.) and I stepped on the red roundabout bit once and it made a tiny round hole in my foot, it REALLY hurt.

nappyaddict · 13/11/2009 21:25

Oooh don't know which to get now. I meant this but like the look of the skate ramp.

OP posts:
JustAsWelliLikeLego · 14/11/2009 09:43

Your link is the one I have which I think is very good but I don't have the other one so can't compare really. The sandpit has a few small bits but really not much else. I like the bikes and how you can put the wee playmobil kids on, arrive at the park, get off, chose your ride and......oh ok maybe I play a bit too much

Tikkabillajive · 17/11/2009 12:01

We got it (the one you linked to nappyaddict for DD last Christmas when she was 3.5 - it's BRILLIANT! The roundabout is fab and there are loads of children, bikes etc with it. We got the ice cream parlour superset free at the same time so our park even has a cafe!

It's a good introduction to Playmobil I reckon - and DS who is 22 months has enjoyed playing with it too (have to watch him obviously but he's not the sort of child who puts things in his mouth all the time - up his nose, yes but that's a different story). So I would say that just turned 3 not too young.

nappyaddict · 20/11/2009 21:00

JustAsWell How old was your DS at Christmas?

OP posts:
IlanaK · 20/11/2009 21:02

We have a massive box of playground stuff. Some new and some off ebay from older sets. It is one of my sons' favourite sets and they have loads of playmobil. Definately good value.

JustAsWelliLikeLego · 20/11/2009 22:34

He was 2 years 8 months last Christmas when he got the Playmobil - I also got a Playmobil advent last year and he loved that too (getting ready for this years one now )

Sorry for confusion, in my first post I meant he was 3 and a half the now but he is a a month or so older I guess.

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