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Wheelybug - small or large?

23 replies

treedelivery · 10/11/2009 21:12

So wheelybugs......DD is one shortly after Christmas. Will she grow out of the small in no time, or will a large be waaaay to big for ages yet?

Am a bit confused after seeing this website

What are your experiences of these? Really wanted one for dd1 but got a like-a-bike instead. Which was our best buy ever. WOuld like one of these though

OP posts:
MoominMymbleandMy · 10/11/2009 23:42

We got a small one for DS last Christmas when he was 13-months-old. A friend has the larger one and it will be much too big for a long time yet because the body is quite wide.

Our small one is a big hit and our eldest, 11, sneaks a go on it sometimes.

ProfessorLaytonIsMyLoveSlave · 10/11/2009 23:55

For a one-year-old I'd get (and did get) a small. I'm pretty sure that a large would be too large.

nappyaddict · 11/11/2009 02:58

I got a large but DS was 2.

robino · 11/11/2009 06:46

If treedelivery will permit me a little hijack - what about a taller than average 18 month old (as she will be by Christmas)?

nappyaddict · 11/11/2009 10:15

How tall is she now?

treedelivery · 11/11/2009 13:42

Mine's about a foot and a half .

OP posts:
PacificDogwood · 11/11/2009 13:46

We had small one first, then got a large two! They are the best ride-on toy ever and are still being used by 6 1/2 year old and loved by all 3 DSs.

treedelivery · 11/11/2009 13:48

Hey does anyone want to sell on a small!??

T'is eco to reuse, and we are broke as I booked a santa sleepover at Alton Towers despite being on unpaid mat leave

OP posts:
Lilyloo · 11/11/2009 13:51

I have got the large one for dd2 and she is 2 in Jan.
It doesn't look too big and she is quite a small 2 year old.
However it has been put away for xmas so she hasn't been on it yet.

PacificDogwood · 11/11/2009 14:48

You cannot have, treedelivery, DS3 is still to use it and I love it too !
MoominMymbleandMy · 11/11/2009 17:00

If you think about it, the body on a wheelybug is quite wide and the toddler riding it has to have legs long enough to wrap around it and allow his/her feet to reach the floor to be able to move it.

treedelivery · 11/11/2009 21:44

Gimme gimme gimee

OP posts:
fatsatsuma · 11/11/2009 21:53

Can I hijack too?

Do wheelybugs work on carpet or just hard floors? We have fitted carpet almost everywhere (not through choice) and I have always thought a wheelybug wouldn't really run as well on carpet. But it's not a thick pile or anything fluffy, so maybe it would work. What do you reckon, wheelybug fans?

hackneyzoo · 11/11/2009 21:58

Tree, DD has the small one and she is 2.7 and still uses it comfortably...she is pretty small though.

Fatsat- seems to work ok on our carpet which is on the mildly shaggy side (well it was shaggy once many moons ago...)

PacificDogwood · 11/11/2009 22:03

They are scarily fast on hard floors and spin round and round AND go round corners sideways ! They work absolutely find on carpet as well, though.
And yes, I am a Big Fan, in case you hadn't noticed.

To use them properly a child should probably with 2-3 years old in which case I would go straight to the larger one. We had the small ladybird one first, DS1 got it when he was 20months old. When DS3 was born he "brought" a larger one for DS1 and 2 so he could have the small one when he was big enough .

They are not cheap, but we have had so much use out of them, for so many years, and they are great for a bit of exercise on a rainy day when DCs cannot go out. Would not recommend them for anybody who minds their skirting boards being marked, though...

GoldenSnitch · 11/11/2009 22:07

Don't get a Wheelybug - get one of these instead.

Puffy is steerable, has better handles for holding onto, has a tail to stop teenies falling off backwards and becomes a cusion when he's grown out of. We love ours

DunderMifflin · 11/11/2009 22:08

We bought the small one for our DS's 1st birthday (August '09) - our 6yr old DD goes on it a lot!

DS hasn't really used it properly yet but likes pushing it around.

Get one from - I think ours was about 35 quid.

PacificDogwood · 11/11/2009 22:10

Ah, but does Puffy go round corners sideways??

ilovemydogandmrobama · 11/11/2009 22:14

We have a small, and DS (19 months) terrorizes the dogs loves it! DD (3) rides it also, but only gets interested when DS is riding it!

stealthsquiggle · 11/11/2009 22:14

We got a small one for DD's first birthday by mistake (chinese whispers as my DM bought it on behalf of my grandfather). We were about to swap him for a large one when then-5yo DS demonstrated that he could still ride it fine - and it was mostly him demonstrating which taught DD what to do.

My DC are now 7 and 3 and both still ride small bee much too fast round the kitchen.

JaMmRocks · 11/11/2009 22:17

We have a large bee that DS has had since 2 years old. They are fairly wide though, and I've seen a small ladybird one ridden just as enthusiastically by children his age

MoominMymbleandMy · 11/11/2009 22:18

Our wheelybug whizzes around on our carpets. I imagine the DS can't get the same turn of speed he would on wooden flooring but that's probably all to the good.

Wheelybugs rule!


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GoldenSnitch · 11/11/2009 22:18

He does with my son on him pacific

We got Puffy for DS's first Christmas (he would have been 9 months) and he is still a very much loved and played with toy now DS is 2 and a half. DS's legs are getting a bit too long now but he still rides him reguarly.

He even has a squeeker in his head spikes

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