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balance bike for 2 year old

4 replies

fairy15 · 26/10/2009 12:05

have got ds one for xmas his 3.5 & would love to get ds2 one also. his going to be 2 next month. want to get him one that he can ride striaght away. anyone know where they do small ones please

OP posts:
MonsterousNasalPustule · 26/10/2009 16:01

Depends on DS2 leg length, the kettler ones are from age 2 and the smallest setting is 35cms assuming bum on seat to foot on floor.

Like a bike mini from 18m has a minumum leg length of 27cms.

thisisyesterday · 26/10/2009 16:03

i've just ordered a puky one for ds2

fairy15 · 29/10/2009 11:28

thats great thanx

OP posts:
UniS · 30/10/2009 16:14

Puky or Isabike for short legs. Islabike Rothan is from 28cm saddle height.

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