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Wooden farm recommendation

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WindUpBird · 23/10/2009 14:24

I like the look of both of these for DD (3.5) and DS's (1.5) Christmas. If you have either of these would you recommend them? Both seem widely available online but it's difficult to tell which one I like best without actually seeing it.

Pintoy Oldfield farm

Pintoy Middlebrook farm

OP posts:
spacedog · 24/10/2009 10:07

We've got the Middlebrook one which is lovely and robust but very big when it's out (although it all slots into itself for storage). Plus there is no base. The Oldfield one is smaller and sits on a base which is nice. Perhaps I'd go for that. ELC do a nice new slot together farm which looks very realistic, not sure if the 1.5 year old would destroy it though. That folds away into a nice storage bag which you buy separately. Plus the animals and people are more realistic looking.I really like this one.

WindUpBird · 24/10/2009 15:43

Ooh, thanks for the tips, I'd wondered if it was nice to have a base. We have a small house so the smaller one might be better! I'll have a look at the ELC one.

OP posts:
Ineedsomesleep · 29/11/2009 20:33

WUB, have you bought one yet? Just wondering as I've been thinking of getting a farm for DD but can't decide which one to get.

fatzak · 29/11/2009 20:43

We have just ordered the ELC one here Reduced to £35 and a free set of animals worth £15. DS is 6 and I'm quite surprised that he has been asking for a farm as he has never shown any interest in one before!!

Ineedsomesleep · 29/11/2009 20:57

Did look at the ELC one Fatzak but DD is only two and I think she would probably smash it to pieces in a couple of hours.

DS is 5.5 and he plays with a small farm set sometimes.

costagirl · 29/11/2009 20:59

We've had the ELC one for 5 years, 2 DS's and still going strong. A really good buy.

Ineedsomesleep · 29/11/2009 21:12

Perhaps I'll take another look at it then. Did have them both with me in ELC so it wasn't the best time to look.

jabberwocky · 29/11/2009 21:16

I love Melissa and Doug toys. This one may be what you are looking for.

Ineedsomesleep · 29/11/2009 21:37

Thanks Jabberwocky, it does look good!

whomovedmychocolate · 30/11/2009 07:13

My parents made DD a base for one - a large sheet of pine, covered in baize with a thin strip of pine all the way round for the farm perimeter. We use it for the farm AND for trains and it's great because the bits don't go everywhere. It goes under the bed when not in use and is much better than the flimsy jobs you get from shops. They also laminated blue card for a pond.

Then we got an ELC farm building set (needs gluing as is not sturdy enough as supplied) and bought the

We then bought Schneiner animals and these are great because you can buy them individually and the grandparents sometimes buy one as a gift when they visit, so DD has built up an entire menagerie.

Having said, she's only starting to appreciate it now (she's 3) and when she first started at 2 she was a little bit too young.

WindUpBird · 30/11/2009 11:03

Oooh, didn't realise my thread had started again! I am STILL dithering over whether to get him a farm or not. I did look at the ELC one but think that it might be a bit flimsy for DS who is pretty clumsy and still only 18 months. I love the Middlebrook Farm as it looks indestructible. It is just such a tremendous amount of money to spend, on what would effectively be DS' present, when DD is getting a second-hand puppet theatre and second-hand dolls' pram! Though I know she would monopolise share the farm. He does love playing with little animals and putting them in boxes. Can anyone convince me the expensive farm is worth the money??
whomovedmychocolate - I love the idea for the playboard that goes under the bed - is it fixed to castors or is it just a sheet of wood?

OP posts:
WindUpBird · 30/11/2009 11:09

That Mlissa & Doug one does look good, but I can't tell if it would work with the pintoy/budkins size dolls house people that we already have.

I was wondering about this one too:

plan toys barn

OP posts:
Ineedsomesleep · 30/11/2009 12:56

Jabberwocky, do you use that site to buy your Melissa and Doug toys? Do you have to pay extra to customs?

I really like that farm and think she would like some of the other stuff on there too like the threading beads.

jabberwocky · 30/11/2009 14:21

I didn't use that site so not sure about customs. I'm in the US and Melissa and Doug toys are pretty easy to find. Are they less common in the UK?

AmazingBouncingFerret · 30/11/2009 14:24

I work at ELC and the wooden one we do wouldnt be suitable for an 18 month old. Its sturdy but not sturdy enough!

Ineedsomesleep · 30/11/2009 18:19

Thanks for that Amazing, will have another look at it before we decide to buy.

Jabber, can see why you really love Melissa and Doug but no, I've never heard of them before. There seems to be a couple of sites that stock some stuff though. The sandwich making kit looks good.

Ineedsomesleep · 02/12/2009 19:45

If anyone else is interested in the Melissa and Doug wooden farm, its on amazon

WindUpBird · 03/12/2009 13:14

Thank you! The Melissa & Doug one is sweet. We've now decided to NOT get a farm, much to my disappointment;-) but get DS bits of brio train track instead. I managed to get him the little pintoy farm animals though!

OP posts:
Ineedsomesleep · 06/12/2009 08:45

After all that, I don't think we will be getting one either, although I'm not entirely sure what we will be getting.

She will be getting the Melissa & Doug Dress Up Bears puzzle though, now that Jabberwocky has introduced me to the world of Melissa and Doug!

fruitsticksinyourstocking · 06/12/2009 08:51

WE have the ELC farm and it is sturdy (in that it hasn't broken yet) but DS1 (3.5) does smash it to pieces on a regular basis. I'm not sure any farm would stop that though

windup fear not. What DS likes to do best is to line up the farm animals on his brio train set and get thomas to mow them down

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