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Go go's Crazy bones

37 replies

SingleMum01 · 13/09/2009 19:50

Does anyone know what the latest series is that came out last Friday? Thanks.

OP posts:
BethNoire · 13/09/2009 19:52

No, but I know taht Tesco had all the albums, magazine etc in there today for a fiver (magazine section) which will tell you the answer about the little lumps of waste gogo's you want.

Golda · 13/09/2009 19:56

'Power' They are in a blue packet. You only get 2 now

mustrunmore · 13/09/2009 19:58

Series 4.
You only get 2 in a packet?
At least the 4.99 starter pack has 2 packs, one for each ds, and they'll share the book. If they get it at all

catinthehat2 · 13/09/2009 20:01

It's series 4. THere are 2 creatures plus some trading cards. They are in the usual Gogo envelopes .There seem to be Power Gogos and some other ones. You will need to obtain further storage facilities, I suggest one of those sealed containers from the back of a 32 ton lorry. Ooh they are very interesting, they have names like Zoogo and Nevnord and JAbzig. They have weird faces, Some of them have ears. SOme are shiny. It is very complicated. I stopped listening at one point, so the details above may not be accurate. Please let me know if you wish to find out anything else I will ask an expert.

mustrunmore · 13/09/2009 20:06

Does each one still come in 4 different colours?

SingleMum01 · 13/09/2009 20:24

do they sell out quickly?

OP posts:
50ftQueenie · 13/09/2009 20:25

catinthehat2 - My you are very knowledgeable about Gogos. I sense suffering in your words though.

LauraIngallsWilder · 13/09/2009 20:28

Arrrrrgh does that mean that series 3 will be impossible to get now - ds will be most upset

Are the packets still 99p yet now only two gogos in - what a swizz

SingleMum01 · 13/09/2009 20:29

do girls play with them/collect them too?

OP posts:
catinthehat2 · 13/09/2009 20:31

I'm so so sorry, I may have implied the expert was ME!

I am in fact an old fart who knows nothing. The gogos expert is tucked up in a bed raised off the ground by a thick layer of gogos.

I am happy to make up answers though.

To Mustrunmore - they come in 52 colours each and there are some hybrids. The potential number of colours is therefore 52 x 52 = 2704. Add on shiny/pearly/laser finish and you are talking 3,800,821,973,862 to the power of 15. You are really talking serious astronomy/wavetheory type numbers here. And that is just the colours.


To SingleMum01.
No they do not sell out quickly emough, you will be finding them on market stalls or Ebay for years I should imagine.

ANy more from anyone?

TwoToTango · 13/09/2009 20:33

the entertainer are still selling series 3.

there are a few girls at my DS's school that collect them

LauraIngallsWilder · 13/09/2009 20:38

Thanks twototango! That probably means our local shop will still have some (we exist in a timewarp here several months behind the rest of the UK!)

Im happy for ds to collect a few more of series 3 as they will go with his sticker book - no desire whatsoever for him to start lusting over series 4

Time to find something else to collect methinks

catinthehat2 · 13/09/2009 20:38

SingleMum01 In answer to your question, I would sayt fewer girls than boys, but really it depends on whether or not they have so-called "addictive personalities".

Girl or boy, I suggest you gicve them a straight choice between crack cocaine and gogos next time you are out shopping.

If they choose gogos, I think you basically have a lifelong problem.

catinthehat2 · 13/09/2009 20:39

Next question.

Doesn't have to be about gogos, I will answer anything at this point otherwise I have to do ironing.

catinthehat2 · 13/09/2009 20:41

PLease, I am desperate.

FAstest land going mammal?

Biggest mountain?

Best crisp flavour?

SingleMum01 · 13/09/2009 20:48

how often do the series change? I was thinking of putting packs in party bags - would the parents never talk to me again?!

OP posts:
50ftQueenie · 13/09/2009 20:48

Um..... Umm.....
Go on then, what's the tallest mountain in Europe?

LauraIngallsWilder · 13/09/2009 20:49


Discuss Jules Vernes "Journey to the centre of the Earth"
Essay Question: How believable do you find chapters 32 and 33 - sailing a raft on an underground sea, underneath scotland, (having walked underground along passageways that are always high enough to walk comfortably) from an extinct volcano in Iceland???????

Question 2 was Jules Verne slightly intoxicated on coccaine when he wrote this do you think????

50ftQueenie · 13/09/2009 20:51

Oooo.... Essay questions...

"If God is dead then all things are permitted". Discuss.

LauraIngallsWilder · 13/09/2009 21:02

Catinthehat have you gone to do your ironing then?

Ds and I are reading Journeytothecentreoftheworld at the moment and need these important questions answered!

Although as he is only 7 he isnt really bothered by Jules Vernes logical reasoning!
Book was written in 1864 after all

catinthehat2 · 13/09/2009 21:06


seem to change evry 6-10 months. Have done the party bag thing, but not v popular I'm afraid, lots of from other mothers.


what a ridiculous question. Everyone knows its Snowdon,just outside Scotland. Ther are technically no mountains further to the East in Europe than that. I mean have you been to Norwich lately? FGS. Try harder please.


No time for the essay question I'm afraid. See above question about Snowdon - do you believe the question? No I don't either it's embarasssing isn't it.? THat's why I gave a ridiculous answer. 50ft won't know that Snowdon is in the middle of Edinburgh.

Yes to cocaine.

50ftQueenie 2nd question

Right. Reading Keith Waterhouse's book Lucky JIm Billy Liar, the protagonist enters his house one evening after work. His grandmother says words to the effect that "If that's him, his coat's been hanging in the bathroom all week". Jim, or let us say Billy, thinks to himself, "What would she say if it were not me entering the house?"

It is the same question as the tree falling in a Russian forest - would it make a noise if no-one was there to listen?

My answers to all of these queries are NO, Yes, No and 28.5%

SingleMum01 · 13/09/2009 21:07

Isn't that a big heavy going for a 7 year old?! Mine's more into the Beano!

OP posts:
LauraIngallsWilder · 13/09/2009 21:07

Cat I think ironing is the easier option!

catinthehat2 · 13/09/2009 21:11

You simply have no idea.

50ftQueenie · 13/09/2009 21:12

Oi catinthehat. It's Mt Blanc in Western Europe, I don't know the name of the one in Russia which is higher........

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