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Bouncy Chair for newborns

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PavlovtheForgetfulCat · 23/08/2009 11:44

We want a bouncy chair for new baby. last time we were given one which was ok but nothing great, not complaining as it was free! It has been given back as the person has had another baby themselves so we are going to buy one now.

We want it to be quite sturdy on account of DD aged 3 likely 'helping'! We would quite like some unusual really, not really big on disney stuff.

Can anyone recommend anything that a newborn, young baby would enjoy being in, has something pretty to look at.

OP posts:
friendly · 09/09/2009 10:30

The baby bjorn chair looks good and my ds likes it. It's not cheap but seem to resell really well on ebay. Look at as about £20 cheaper than rrp. hth

nappyaddict · 11/09/2009 20:43

Chicco Relax and Play
Cosatto Goo Goo

Or if you can afford it




BertieBotts · 11/09/2009 21:05

I like the fisher price rainforest range, if you want something a step up from the basic. They have just released their new "Precious Planet" range so the rainforest stuff will probably be much cheaper now (or easily available secondhand etc) - in fact they have a rainforest swing in our local secondhand baby shop, I noticed today. (DS waay too big now!)

thisisyesterday · 11/09/2009 21:09

IME something like this is absolutely fine!

don't get anything too expensive, you may end up with a baby like ours who HATED being put down in anything lol.
or a 3 yr old brother who breaks the expensive swinging contraption you buy to try and stop the new baby crying the whole time

norktasticninja · 11/09/2009 21:13

Another vote for the BabyBjorn chair. It's brilliant and the DC love it. It's been an absolute lifesaver for us with both of them. DS is 3 months and uses it a lot, since he was born DD (21 months) uses it quite a bit too.

It's taken quite a bit of abuse but there's nothing wrong with at all.

nappyaddict · 11/09/2009 21:17

See I'm not keen on the sort that TIY linked to. I like to have something that lies as flat as possible. When I was looking a few years ago for DS the only thing I could find that suited my criteria was the Chicco one. All the others on the market seemed to be quite upright even in the most reclined position.

thisisyesterday · 11/09/2009 21:20

but if you want them to lie flat just put them in a crib surely??

thisisyesterday · 11/09/2009 21:21

although if you have babies as fat as mine even the chair i linked to goes pretty flat! lol

norktasticninja · 11/09/2009 21:29

I've put a picture of DS in his chair on my profile. He was 8 weeks at the time. The chair looks quite upright when it's empty but 'relaxes' back quite a bit when they sit in it IYSWIM.

Rindercella · 11/09/2009 21:33

ANother vote for the BabyBjorn. DD loved it until she could climb out of it and it's waiting ready for the arrival of DC2.

It can be set at 3 different heights. And is very bouncy - DD used to really kick her legs to get herself moving! Not cheap, but worth it imo.

nappyaddict · 11/09/2009 21:34

Are you able to manually recline the Baby Bjorn or does it just rely on the weight of the baby IYSWIM?

Rindercella · 11/09/2009 21:35

You manually recline it.

SingingBear · 11/09/2009 21:38

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