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Playmobil versus Sylvanian Families Dolls House - 3year old boy

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Smomum · 23/01/2023 17:02

My son loves make believe and re-enacting stories with his toy figures
Would you get the playmobil or SF dolls house? and also any tips on which one? I see they have schools and things as well which could be alternative?
Whichever I go for I'll be keeping the smallest bits in a tupperware for when he's a bit older. Priority is to get something with longevity of play (even if it costs a bit more) TIA

OP posts:
Readybrek999 · 23/01/2023 17:08

My dds had SF which are gorgeous but to be honest they never actually used all the tiny fiddly bits as there were so many if them and they were tiny.
They were quite a bit older aswell.
I would go Playmobil. for a 3 year old.

Needmorelego · 23/01/2023 17:10

I know it shouldn't be about boy toys/girl toys but for a boy I would go for Playmobil.
I know if boys who still play with Playmobil at the age of 9/10 but with Sylvanian Families they wouldn't probably want to admit they play with them beyond the age of 5.
Playmobil often pops up cheap in Tkmaxx too.
Go for Playmobil.
(Even though Sylvanian Families are sooooo adorable)

MillicentTrilbyHiggins · 23/01/2023 17:11

Playmobil every time. (Never had SF but just bloody love playmobil)

Squamata · 23/01/2023 17:11

Get a bit of both second hand and see how it flies? Then sell on if he's less keen on one type.

Squamata · 23/01/2023 17:12

I've got a ds and DD, they both like both Playmobil and SF, play with them in different ways. SF is a bit more dreamy, dressing them etc.playmobil a bit more action based

SBAM · 23/01/2023 17:14

We don’t have any Playmobil, my 3yo has a wooden dollhouse and furniture (from aldi) and sylvanians to live in it.
My 5yo has sylvanians, two houses that combine to one, plus a school and a car and heaps of the beds/chairs/tiny bits for inside the houses. The houses are less sturdy than the wooden dollhouse and neither she nor her brother seem to engage with all the tiny little bits and bobs. They also don’t really play with the school, they like having a house or two and a car.

Cileymyrus · 23/01/2023 17:16

Mine had both.

they weren’t particularly bothered about playmobil. Whereas SF they got years and years out of.

playmobil is a bit like lego I think. Great for building and spatial awareness, but for make believe play and role play etc the SF have the cute/realism factor and are easier to build a “bond” with, iyswim.

my youngest still played with them a bit until end of primary, and still has them boxed up, but gave away the playmobil a long time ago. There were little “favourite” figures that were carried around for a while.

so unless they particularly like putting the fiddly bits together and building, go for SF. If he’s only 3 take the really fiddly bits out, they can play with SF without any of that.

sophiaabigail · 27/01/2023 07:37

My kids love Playmobil, especially the playmobil houses! My kids like the large Victorian Doll House in particular. Here's a guide to the best playmobil houses you can choose from I hope this can be useful.

Dragonsandcats · 27/01/2023 07:38

my Two loved playmobil. Had sf but that was appreciated more when older.

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