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Nintendo Switch for 6 and up

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mdinbc · 31/12/2022 18:54

I'm a gran, and purchased a Nintendo Switch plus a few games to have at my house to entertain the GC when they visit; I have 4 ranging from 4-9.

DH and I got it set up and going, but my goodness, I tried to start playing a game (Mario Party) and 40 minutes later I was still choosing worlds and selecting characters, reading instructions.... I never actually started interacting with the game! I was expecting to immediately start a simple game of obstacles. I guess I was thinking of my kids playing Super Mario in the 90's.

Are all video games like this now? How do you get past all the BS, and just start playing? It seems like such work...

Are there any simple recommended games? My 2 older ones have their own, so will know how to play, but I have bought some games that are for all ages to play. I'm usually ok with technology set up, but this seems excessive!

Any recommendations or advice?

OP posts:
Whowhatwherewhenwhynow · 31/12/2022 19:04

Yes they are all like this.
merge got a switch and bought Mario party for Xmas, took me a while to ‘get’ it, but kids got it immediately.

I let one of the older grandchildren set it up. I’m sure they’ll get used to it in a flash.

FYI- you can download the old school Mario games of you want a run and jump simple game and more familar graphics.

APurpleSquirrel · 31/12/2022 19:19

A lot of the popular games have an over-arching narrative, so it take a while to set up & get through the initial exposition. Once your past that though, then you can get straight into the games.
Would recommend:
Zelda Breath of the Wild
Hyrule Warriors
Stardew Valley

TheYearOfSmallThings · 31/12/2022 19:21

Seriously, let the 6 year old set you up and then put it into your hands. It's the only way.

EssexDad86 · 04/01/2023 11:05

Most games are like this now, gone are the days were you press start, hold a button down and slam a few more. but most kids pick it up pretty quickly, my sons 4 and we got him paw patrol racing game and he loves it

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