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First birthday suggestions

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RedHerring24 · 31/10/2022 15:27

It is coming up to DD's first birthday and I feel a little stumped as to what to get as a 'main' present.
She will be receiving an Ikea play kitchen from a family member which will be lovely for her to grow into.

DH and I have been racking our brains and we keep coming back to a trike.
I am concerned about the amount of use she would get from one and wondering whether a balance bike when she is 2 would be better?
We do have a lot of open space near us but have read that quite a lot of them aren't any good if not used on a pavement?
But, she is very independent. She want's to do everything herself and wondering if a trike may be a good bet?

We have bought some smaller bits including age appropriate jigsaw puzzles, Playmobil, noisy toy, some clothes, threading toy.

What have been your go to gifts for a 1st birthday??

OP posts:
grey12 · 15/11/2022 12:28

Maybe a scooter?
or a tea set for the kitchen? I personally don't buy food (except for a special puzzle cake). But a tea set, maybe plates, a couple of pans.....

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