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Playset with songs/lights/movement - 18-month old

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SophieTheGuineaPig · 18/10/2022 10:58

Hi there,

My DD recently went on a play date with an older girl and had a lot of fun with her friend’s castle. It was plastic, with furniture and princesses and interactive bits - press a button and listen to a song and lights, doors open, princesses dance around. She mostly enjoyed pressing the buttons and the songs and the lights, she’s 18 months now.

that particular castle was not appropriate for her age though - lots of small parts and tiny furniture. I’d like to get her something similar, but age-appropriate.

I’ve found a nice Toot toot mermaid coral castle on eBay or I could get her the ELC happyland boot fairy house or the tree house.

I wonder if these have nice songs though? DD enjoys music a lot, and would be happy with something she can dance/sing along.

Can you think of a similar playset with pleasant tunes that can later be grown into for more pretend-play scenarios?

thanks for your suggestions!

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