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Children's Islabike first pedal bike

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Lily7050 · 23/07/2022 13:15

I understand Islabikes are quite popular and good quality bikes.
I was looking for used ones on eBay and was surprised that sellers do not quite know the details of their bikes. For example, one listing has photos showing CNOC16 on one photo and CNOC14 on another photo in the same listing.
After 2016 models have markings S or L and sellers list them under wrong size.
It made me think that these bikes might have been stollen.
What do you think would be a fare price for a used bike of the most recent model, the same as pictured on Islabikes website?

OP posts:
username00 · 23/07/2022 13:22

There is a Facebook group for Isla bikes where people buy and sell - I would recommend joining this before you buy as there's a lot of knowledgeable people on there and you get a good idea of the prices for second hand

Lily7050 · 23/07/2022 13:24

Thank you @username00 !

OP posts:
username00 · 23/07/2022 13:25

No problem! We looked for a while for second hand but ended up going to new, simply because I saw how much they sell for used so knew it would hold its value and we would make some money back in the end. They really are brilliant bikes and so light weight

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