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Rayraybt2006 · 09/01/2022 19:32

My DS is really into his sisters Polly Pockets and Kindi Kids. I have zero issue with him playing with them, that is not the my concern. Merely I was looking into buying some toys for his bday and wondered if there were "male dolls and characters" of that nature available. Most seem to be superhero types and he has no interest in them.

Any help appreciated xx

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HPandTheNeverEndingBedtime · 09/01/2022 19:34

Would a small playmobil set or good ol' lego figurines do or ELC Happyland? DD wasn't in to Polly Pockets aren't they much bigger than when we were small?

Rayraybt2006 · 09/01/2022 19:37

We've got every happy land character and set gojng and no interest yet in play mobile. He specially likes the Polly pockets and kindi kids. I'm happy to get them I just thought it might
nice if there was male characters in them x

OP posts:
LadyMonicaBaddingham · 09/01/2022 19:37

Playmobil. My boys loved it and, now that they are teens and far too cool , the children at school love it instead.

ImInACage · 09/01/2022 19:47

There used to be a "boys" version of polly Pocket, I think they were called Mighty Max. They pop up on eBay occasionally, might be worth a try.

WaterBottle123 · 09/01/2022 21:44

Hmmm. Can't he just play with his sisters polly pockets and long for something non plastic for his birthday? A cloth or wooden doll?

dannydyerismydad · 10/01/2022 11:23

There are some tiny portable Pokémon play sets available.

Or the tiny Thomas the tank engine portable sets.

vodkaginwine · 10/01/2022 11:29

Mighty max but I don’t think they’re particularly nice. My boy has the same issue, but he quite likes Imaginex now and the Pokemon backback and play set. Smashers too as he likes to collect things.

JugglingJanuary · 10/01/2022 11:35

How old is he & what aspect of the play does he enjoy? (Setting it up/dressing them/conversations amongst the dolls/carrying them around chewing their feet)

If between them they already have a ton of it, I might buy one wee doll but then buy things to extend his play & other different things. Things he's going to grow into playing with this year which depends how old he is.

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