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Indoor soft play set vs pikler triangle

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Mel22FTM · 03/04/2021 22:18

Hi mums,
My baby is 11 months old and loves climbing. I'm debating between getting either a foam playset with ball pit or a piklers triangle for his 1st birthday present. Neither option is cheap.
Would love to hear your thoughts or experiences.

OP posts:
MyCatHatesOtherCats · 03/04/2021 22:33

We bought a Pikler triangle earlier this year for our DC who is now 14 months. He likes it but tends to lose interest after a fairly short period. Still likes climbing on the sofa! We also bought the slide/ramp.

I wouldn’t bother with a ball pit as your DC will almost certainly be able to crawl out of it by now - mine could at 7 months and we got rid of it shortly after.

If the cost isn’t the deciding factor, I’d go for the triangle. Be aware that if you order from an Etsy seller, there may well be a customs charge if they are based outside the U.K. You may prefer to go with a U.K. seller...

FiloPasty · 03/04/2021 22:35

My daughter now 2 and loves her ball pit, often lies in it then throw out every ball out but it's def still a hot. It's a modern nursery one.

PinkSpring · 26/04/2021 10:07

I would be careful with the triangles - and who you buy them from. There are many sellers on Etsy now who make them and some aren't well made and can be quite dangerous so ensure you buy from a reputable company!

I personally think they are overpriced and not worth the cost - nearly everyone I know who had one said their children either didn't bother with them or lost interest very quickly and you get left with a pricey bit of wood! I also know of a couple of young children who injured themselves on them by getting limbs caught in the rungs or falling off - obviously you are meant to supervise children using them but I wouldn't have one.

PegPeople · 26/04/2021 10:11

Soft play equiptment and a huge bag of ball pit balls would be my choice. DS is nearly 17 months and adores his soft play bricks and balls. He also loves climbing but I honestly think he would lose interest very quickly in the wooden triangle.

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