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Eieieieiei · 30/12/2020 16:55

hello all,

Are lottie dolls worth their current 20-25 euro price tag? My little one has asked for a doll as her gift and these look nice enough but pretty pricey for what they are. I can see that they are sometimes on sale but doesn't look like a sale will happen before we need to buy one.

Also for those of you with multiple lotties- is there any lottie doll that's got nicer quality clothes/accessories than the others?

Thanks for any help!

OP posts:
Fivemoreminutes1 · 30/12/2020 17:28

I prefer some of the newer Barbies for my DDs, not just because they’re cheaper but because there are more interchangeable accessories made for Barbies and the Lottie eyes are a bit creepy!




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