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Ideas for a 3 year old birthday presents

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Morethanwords1 · 22/08/2020 21:50

I’ve got her a mini micro scooter but looking for some toys to go with it.

I wanted to get a till with money etc but the ELC one is badly rated and I haven’t found any other decent ones if anyone has any ideas?

Also looking for some book and game ideas. So far got her pop up pirate. She likes all the Julia Donaldson books... any tips for others? TIA Smile

OP posts:
user1493413286 · 22/08/2020 21:58

Mine loved the aqua doodle mat and it’s no mess so I love it too, the orchard toys games are also popular with my DD and play doh is a hit; we got a big set from elc and it’s just as good as the play doh brand at a fraction of the price.
we also got her a book with all stories like the 3 bears, red riding hood, Rapunsel that she really liked.

Lockdownseperation · 22/08/2020 22:02

IKEA till is great.
Things my just turned 4 year old loves
Mud kitchen
Learning resources science kits
Doctors kit
Melissa and Doug pet carrier

bookmum08 · 22/08/2020 22:02

It's going back about ten years but my daughter's till came from Argos (Chad Valley) and it was great and got years and years of play (actually we still have it).
I am not sure what the current version is but might be worth checking out.
("Checking out" - didn't mean to make a pun there. Honestly !)

Ricekrispie22 · 23/08/2020 07:49

The John Lewis till is great
Playdough kitchen creations
Dressing up clothes
Tea party set
Giant floor puzzle
Bubble machine
My first baby Annabelle
Kinetic sand

twittawoo3 · 23/08/2020 08:03

Magnetic building blocks are a real hit with my 3yo!

PawPatrolMakesMeDrink · 23/08/2020 08:08

My 3 year old got magnetic tiles and a football goal for his birthday which he absolutely loves.
His big present was a mud kitchen an that went down a treat as well.

Scotstar · 23/08/2020 08:17

My boy was 3 last week. He got paw patrol things, peppa puzzles, a 2nd hand ikea kitchen and the leap frog ice cream truck

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