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LEGO: How big is the step from normal to expert sets?

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MummyWhimsical · 22/11/2019 22:59

Hey. Daughter nearly 10yrs has a collection of about 8 large lego friends sets built up over Christmas's and birthdays.. Her last set was a boat of 612 pieces that she built in a day on her own. She's enthralled by them and is not interested in anything else until completed, right from her first lego friends set when she was 5.. She takes good care of her sets and they sit made up on her shelf pride of place in her room..

I'm considering getting her an expert set. Wondering how big the step might be from a large lego friends set to say Assembly square 10255..
We would be on hand to help if needed.

Any advice very much appreciated. Smile

OP posts:
NoHummus · 22/11/2019 23:07

For a 9 year old I'd maybe go for something from the Lego Ideas or Winter Village range as an in-between, just because the big Expert sets are huge (several thousand pieces) and take ages to build and that could be a bit of a slog for her.
Winter Village is still in the Creator Expert range but has fewer pieces than the big modular building sets like Assembly Square. This year's Winter Village set is the Gingerbread House if you think she would like that.

MooseBeTimeForSummer · 22/11/2019 23:22

DS(7) has a couple of Expert sets. You need to be methodical and absolutely accurate. One piece in the wrong place and you can have a right mess on your hands. We’ve had to unbuild a few times to find missed pieces or incorrect placing.

If she doesn’t rush and is methodical she should be ok.

Ricekrispie22 · 24/11/2019 14:17

Some of the Lego Creator 3 in 1 could be good

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