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1st Birthday Main Present Help

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TigerTeatimes · 11/09/2018 23:21

Hello, It's my little boy's first birthday in November and I just don't know what to get him for his main present - not helped by the fact that Christmas and his sister's 3rd birthday are both not long after.

Can anyone recommend anything that was a big hit with their little ones? TIA

OP posts:
OhhEnnEmm · 13/09/2018 11:29

Other than a load more fisher price toys there's not much you can buy as a birthday present for a baby. Our little one turned 1 this year too, we bought all the toys and fun stuff, then the creative present was one of these memory boxes - - that way, we're going to fill it as the years go by and he can have it when he's 18.

Hope that gives you some ideas!

Moo31 · 14/09/2018 15:37

Following for ideas as I'm in the same boat! Although ds is our first.

My parents are keen to buy him the ikea kitchen - I think 1 is too young but he will get lots of use out of it as he gets older so I might just go with it! If I let them get the kitchen we'll get all the accessories for it.

Some things we already have:

  1. We bought a cosy coupe little tikes in the sales in Jan. I was planning to keep it until next summer/birthday but might give it as main Christmas present

2. I bought this from Tesco a year ago before he was even born so he's definitely getting this but I think he would love it already so I might end up getting it out before bday
3. I also bought this with a few vouchers we got given when he was born so he's getting it too but again might get it before bday unless i can restrain myself!

Other ideas-
A swing for the garden
My sister has suggested a scuttle bug
Sil has told me she has bought a sand and water tray
Some toot toot drivers or whizz world from elc
A garage or train set
My cousin is getting him some duplo
Some happyland stuff

You might have some of that already!
Ricekrispie22 · 15/09/2018 09:37
longestlurkerever · 15/09/2018 09:41

My dds both got sandpits for their first birthday. Also swing set, scuttlebutt and paddling pool. They are summer borns though. I do think "investment toy" is the way to go here if there's anything you don't already have (toy kitchen?), or the opposite which is just wrapping up a few books or something that used to be your dd's.

longestlurkerever · 15/09/2018 09:41

Brio train?

MilesJuppIsMyBitch · 15/09/2018 10:00

You can't go wrong with a play tunnel imo. Not least because you can collapse them up small and put them away!

spinabifidamom · 15/09/2018 13:56

I looked at a mail order catalog for ideas and inspiration. My parents gave us some bath toys and built a toybox for the twins (they’re DIY people). My partner’s family gifted us some cheap baby clothes from a thrift shop. I got them both books mainly. Personally I think that books make excellent gifts irregardless of age or reading skills. You can’t go wrong with a thoughtful kind gift either. I also appreciated the cards we also received from well meaning family members and friends.

lisaw79 · 03/10/2018 22:38

our nephew just turned 1, over a month ago.

he is at the stage where he cant seem to get enough of food, so me and my husband decided to get him a breakfast set with his name on it. he never seems to want to share with his older


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