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Climbing frame for small garden?

8 replies

Whatapickle78 · 14/03/2018 11:38

Hi can anyone recommend a good climbing frame (preferably with a swing) for a small garden? not fussed whether metal or wood... just short on space and have two v active under 5's!

OP posts:
crazymumofthree · 05/04/2018 15:45

We had a really good one in our old house - was like a tower with a sandpit underneath, a slide and a climbing wall on the two sides. It then had an arm coming off that had a climbing rope but you could add a swing too. It was only about 1-1.5meter square and then the slide came a bit further out. It always went down really well when we had friends over.

Whatapickle78 · 05/04/2018 16:11

Thanks crazymum - can you remember where you bought it or who made it?

OP posts:
crazymumofthree · 05/04/2018 22:06

My other half built it from scratch but based it on ones we had seen online.

Climbing frame for small garden?
missmapp · 05/04/2018 22:10
Welovelasvegas · 29/04/2018 16:55

LOok at Selwood. We are probably going to get the holt. On sale this weekend. Seems easy to build compared to other brands

Rachie1986 · 29/04/2018 16:59

We've been looking at this and found quite a few nice ones on dunster house, might be worth looking at?

HelenCurrier · 22/05/2018 09:41

This one from SOUZU is great! Kids love it but it doesn't take up much room so perfect for small gardens!

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