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free game - needs testers and reviewers

StephLumo · 09/02/2018 16:46

So the half term holidays are round the corner and if you're like me and are travelling half the country to see family then the slow realisation that that means hours in the car with small children can mean only 1 think -where are the head phones and where is the ipad! I learnt my lesson early with this, we tried going sans technology on our summer holiday last year and got caught in a 8 hours traffic jam with a crazy 2 year old and a very bored 5 year old! NEVER AGAIN!

Well if your looking for some electronic entertainment, have an i pad, and kids, then I would love to introduce you to Panda Babies //, a play home app for kids where they can play, care and create. We are a small team up in Newcastle and we are looking for 10 people to review the game, in turn you will get it for free! And with half term round the corner it might be just the thing you need!

You can email me at [email protected] to get a unique reviewer code or inbox me on mumsnet.

If you don't want to review the game but you're looking for a fun, engaging, beautifully hand drawn illustrated game with real animation that encourages cooperative and caring play and where the imagination is the only limit then feel free to download Panda Babies now:

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