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what is skylanders?

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slbhill42 · 13/09/2017 10:39

Clueless mum here Blush . My 5yo is suddenly talking about skylanders. I think one of the other kids at the childminder is really into them. I've heard the name and seen a few pictures of monster/machine things but I don't even know if they are "people" or suits that people wear or what.

Is it a tv programme? Can anyone give me a really really basic synopsis please?

OP posts:
dementedpixie · 13/09/2017 10:45

Its a game for things like Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, etc. There are little plastic characters you use on a portal and then they can be used in the game

dementedpixie · 13/09/2017 10:47

A portal with a skylander on it

what is skylanders?
BrieAndChilli · 13/09/2017 10:49

It's a game for the Xbox/PlayStation/wii etc
It comes with a portal that plugs into the game and has little figures you put on the portal to use in the game.

Be warned there are 100s of figures and you need a certain amount of different one to complete the game.

There are several different versions (they used to bring out a new one each year ) and not all figures can be used with all the games.

BarnsligRav · 13/09/2017 10:56

There is also a show on Netflix.

dementedpixie · 13/09/2017 11:16

If you buy one of the newer games then figures from the older games can be used with them. You can't use newer figures in the older games. Think my two went through 3 of the games before getting fed up

slbhill42 · 13/09/2017 11:27

thanks chaps!
Computer game makes sense, I think they've been using the wii for it.

Definitely will try to divert him back onto Thunderbirds, wish me luck lol

OP posts:
safariboot · 20/09/2017 13:42

Yeah, they're sometimes called "toys to life". Like many videogames they have a load of expansions and DLC you can buy - extra levels, characters, powers, etc. The difference is that with the toys to life games you buy the toy and that unlocks the expansion in the game.

Quite liable to end up being a money pit if the player is keen, though it's not as bad as a lot of the mobile games are.

Others include Disney Infinity which I think has stopped making more, and Lego Dimensions which is probably on its final 'wave' now.

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