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Play doh ice cream maker

5 replies

tortoisesarefab · 08/02/2015 06:26

Is this any good or just as much plastic tat as it looks? My Ds has a birthday coming up and keeps seeing the advert for this and asking for it. He will be 3

OP posts:
Sunnysideup5883 · 08/02/2015 06:41

Mine enjoy it. dD is 4

BikeRunSki · 08/02/2015 06:44

We have it. My dc have both loved playdo from about 18 months to 5. The barber shop is the most long-enjoyed toy they've had.

BikeRunSki · 08/02/2015 06:47

They like the ice cream factory too thoug, but Barnet shop the best. Not sure if you can still get the barber shop though.

Longdistance · 08/02/2015 06:49

We have the ice cream factory. We get hours of peace from dds when they are allowed it, as it can obviously be messy.

squiz81 · 18/02/2015 20:40

I'm not mad on it. It's big and hard to store (doesn't fit back in original box) the sprinkles bit is very hard to do, I struggle to turn the handle!

My ds, also 3 enjoys playing with it, but it hasn't had that much use and it's messy. The sprinkles bit is impossible to get all the play doh out of so you have to leave it to dry up.

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