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4 y-o DD - Wooden dolls house, Playmobil or Sylvanian families?

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Yika · 14/12/2014 13:22

We have a few bits and pieces of playmobil but now I think it's time to commit to one system or another. I want to get a good sized dolls house this year and then start to populate it. Which would you recommend?

As a wooden dolls house system I'm looking at Djeco which is readily available where I live (Belgium).

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Wilf83 · 16/12/2014 13:31

Maybe show your dd both figures in the shop & ask her what ones she prefers as they are both quite different.

Bilberry · 16/12/2014 14:10

My dds like all of these and swap the pieces between them ( and lego friends). Perhaps they are now less keen on the wood although I prefer it. I wouldn't get sylvanian families for a 4 yo as the plastic seems more brittle than PlayMobil and there are more small bits which can be a bit too fiddly; 5 would be a better age.

123rd · 16/12/2014 14:14

I think 4 yo is young for slyvaian ism
Sets too. It needs a lot of patience to set up

Allice · 16/12/2014 14:26

I think I'd go with sylvanians for longevity, my almost 10 yr old still loves hers and plays with it most days, she's getting more for Christmas too.

Some of the accessories are tony, I'd take them out but the stuff is sturdy enough.

Yika · 16/12/2014 20:22

Thanks a lot, interesting. I think I'll get some Playmobil this time but not a house... maybe see how much she plays with it first (maybe the campervan) and mull over Sylvanians for next year.

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