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what's similar to a leapreader please? (MIL alert!)

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wanttobuyatoy · 25/09/2014 13:35

Hello, I'd appreciate some help. My mum wanted to get DS a Leapreader for his birthday but MIL tells me she's got one ahead of time.

Does anyone know what the equivalents are to Leapreader ie the competition? That way I can just tell mum I've found something better than Leapreader that DS would prefer. She can get that and then won't mind when she sees the Leapreader in the house too (hopefully).

OP posts:
wanttobuyatoy · 25/09/2014 16:30


OP posts:
FunkyBoldRibena · 25/09/2014 16:32

A book?

cheapandcheerful · 13/10/2014 21:51

Why would you want two things that are virtually the same? Just tell your mum and she can get him something else!

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