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Y scooters

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fessmess · 22/08/2014 09:16

My dd wants one of these for her birthday, they're a lot of money and I think she'll struggle to use one on the path. She's turning 11 btw.

Anyone had one? Are they good? Or would you recommend an ordinary scooter?

Many thanks

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Phantomteadrinker · 22/08/2014 09:19

My ds has one, he's 6and loves his. He's not the most co-ordinated child so I thought a y one would be easier for him than a normal scooter and I was right! I got a speeder from amazon, was only about £40 and it's fine

ClaimedByMe · 22/08/2014 09:23

Both my dc 11 & 9 have one, they love them, my uncoordinated dd has yet to do any real damage yet! They have the fliker ones, ds recently got stole out the garden, his was newer than dds, they left hers so if you do get one keep it safe!

fessmess · 22/08/2014 15:38

thanks guys, didn't want her wasting her money.

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