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Fazerina · 07/04/2014 11:07

Hi there,

I'm looking for a tablet for my nearly 3 year old to entertain him during flights we have coming up in the summer.

I've been looking on Amazon and saw many that were around the £50-mark we're prepared to spend (our budget would probably be up to £80). But I have a completely daft question (I couldn't find an answer on anywhere, or then I just didn't know how to search Blush).. DS likes to watch videos on youtube, but not all flights we'll be taking have onboard wireless, so I was wondering if you can download the videos on the tablet so he could watch them without internet..? Same with games actually, do they work without internet or not?

Thanks in advance! Oh and any recommendations on which one to buy are most welcome! I was initially looking at this one for example

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