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TP Wooden Swing

2 replies

PyjamasandSlippers · 02/04/2014 13:51

I'm thinking of purchasing a TP wooden swing frame. However, I'm unsure how often I'll have to treat the wood. Does anyone know?


OP posts:
321GoOutside · 11/06/2014 14:23

I bought a steel one instead which is great because my boys are always doing summersaults on the side stays, it's basically like a climbing frame. But if your set on wood -at least by these swings for your frame -they are fabulous! //

JCM71 · 20/05/2020 15:07

I just bought a triple TP Toys wooden frame. The wood is already treated. But I'm not sure I would recommend as it's been a month and there are large crevices and cracks in the wood. Apparently this is normal but if you read trustpilot a lot of people complaining about this. I also seem to keep having to tighten the bolts as there is a lot of hoziantal movement. I'm now feeling I should have stuck with metal.

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