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Playmobil, Little People or Happy Land?

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zoobaby · 03/09/2013 13:31

DS will be 1 yr old soon and... OMG... the range of toys is unfathomable.

Just wondering which of the three listed toy ranges are most popular/appropriate? Or have I missed out a different one completely?

OP posts:
tiredteddy · 03/09/2013 13:35

Age 1 would be too young for playmobil unless you mean the playmobil 123 range? This seems nice but not a huge range compared to happy land or little people. Happyland and little people are very similar and would probably be played with until age 4/5. You might also like to consider the range called WOW toys?

JoinTheDots · 03/09/2013 13:36

I think Playmobil is for slightly older children as it has small parts.

Little People have always seemed more expensive, so I went Happy Land, which is played with all the time (DD now 3, got her first set when she was 18 months - for Christmas). Not sure there is much in it between the 2 though - see what deals you can get!

LunaticFringe · 03/09/2013 13:37

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PostmanPatAlwaysRingsTwice · 03/09/2013 13:46

Lego Duplo has lots of brilliant stuff, my DS loves his.

SmokedMackerel · 03/09/2013 14:01

Playmobil 123 is more popular in our house because the figures bend at the waist and so can sit down, and their heads can turn too. It is also compatible with standard Playmobil, so will probably last a long time. I think the range is OK, suppose it depends on how much of the stuff you were planning to buy. We have the Playmobil 123 Noah Ark and it is fantastic, the 5 year old still plays with it happily.

AFishWithoutABicycle · 03/09/2013 14:08

I'd go for wow toys or
This stuff is in elc and looks good for young ones.

fuzzpig · 03/09/2013 14:11

For that age I would say happyland. My 2 still play with theirs age 4 and 6 (they do have playmobil too now)

zoobaby · 03/09/2013 14:20

Lego - now you're talking! I thought 1yo isn't quite old enough for Duplo. Can't wait til DS can play with proper Lego and I'll be shattered if he's not bothered.

Wow toys do look pretty hardy, but are they perhaps a little "babyish" once DC are older? Or do they hold their own?

OP posts:
zoobaby · 03/09/2013 14:21

Oh and meant to say - yes Playmobil 123 - the chunky stuff.

OP posts:
zoobaby · 03/09/2013 14:25

Oh good grief, going by these new toy suggestions, I can see that I am going to quickly acquire a new obsession in life.

OP posts:
tiredteddy · 03/09/2013 22:49

If you are planning on more dc in the future whichever you choose will be an investment as it will all be played with again. We had little people with ds1 then passed on. Ds2 had wow toys which he played with until age 4. I plan on getting it out the loft in the new year for dd who will be then aged 1. Have fun choosing. Smile

PostmanPatAlwaysRingsTwice · 03/09/2013 22:55

DS started playing with Duplo when he was not long turned 1. There are a few sets aimed at 1-2 year olds.

Kinect · 19/09/2013 22:54

We have Little People & Wow Toys.

If you don't mind second hand, you can great bundles on eBay, especially if collecting.

MortifiedAdams · 19/09/2013 22:55

We have a bucket of Happyland Stuff. I love it!

MortifiedAdams · 19/09/2013 22:55

And so does dd.

ceeveebee · 19/09/2013 23:00

My 22 mo twins love their wow toys - we have shape sorting bus, Rory the helicopter and a combine harvester - they'll be playing with them until probably 3 I think as they have different features for different ages. Amazon and Tesco often have them on offer

medhandthekiddiesvtheworld · 19/09/2013 23:06

my 8 month old loves playmobil, really, if you sit him in a room full of toys, he will pick up the playmobil figure!

BadSeedsAddict · 19/09/2013 23:06

Duplo - you can take out any smaller bits you think he might put in his mouth . My older kids still play with the youngest's Duplo, you should get years out of it.

omama · 21/09/2013 21:51

OP - DS got some WOW toys at around that age & I have to say we have been very impressed with these - really sturdy, no batteries, friction powered, some have moving parts & they've really withstood lots of play. They are all still in great condition & he still plays with them now, age 3. Flip & tip fred has been our best purchase from this range

We also bought ds Happyland toys when he was 1 & he loved them. The figures are really nice & chunky - great for little hands. He still plays with them now, but definitely prefers other figures eg playmobil, where he can move the arms/legs/head, which you can't do with the happyland or wow figures.

We never bought the playmobil 123, & have just started getting the proper playmobil. Its fantastic & I wish we'd known about the 123 range when he was younger. hth.x

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