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Are mini-micro scooters worth the £££?

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FloraFinching · 22/08/2013 19:40

dd2 will be 3 in a couple of months, and is in need of a scooter. MIL bought DD1 an awful, unwieldy Hello Kitty one, which is in no fit state to hand down. I'd like to get dd2 something decent, so wondered if the mini micros are worth the extra?

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LEMisdisappointed · 22/08/2013 19:47

The mini is the scooter with no seat isn't it? If so, they are worth every penny! DD had one and it lasted her a good three-four years before it finally gave up the ghost from being used to go to school EVERY day and played with every day. They are brilliant. She has a micro-scooter now and loves it still - she is 8.

The mini-micros are lightweight, safe and easy to ride. It will take her a while to get used to the steering if she already has a scooter as it is slightly different, you sort of lean around the corners but once she gets that she'll be flying.

Yes they are bloody expensive but worth the money imo.

Amiee · 22/08/2013 19:52

I got a very similar one from costco for 23 quid. So far so great! It's a one where you lean as well.

RhinestoneCowgirl · 22/08/2013 19:56

Definitely worth the money. We got one for DS for his third birthday after he'd played with one at a friends house (which was incidentally on it's third owner). That was 4 years ago and his little sister has inherited it. Bit battered but still going strong.

mamaduckbone · 22/08/2013 20:01

Yes 100%...the single best and most well used item we ever bought. You won't regret it!

ASmidgeofMidge · 22/08/2013 20:12

Agree with pp. We got ours for dd 2 years ago - still being used/going strong

tryasimight · 22/08/2013 20:12

Yes they are. If it's in regular use (e.g. school runs) and she gets tired it's worth getting the scooter strap too.

IHeartKingThistle · 22/08/2013 20:15


FloraFinching · 22/08/2013 21:02

great - thanks all. our school run is a mile, so it should be quite handy once she's mastered it.
dd1's just learnt how to ride a bike without stabilisers, so it will be good to have them both whizzing around the park together.

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