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something to keep 5yo dd's brain busy

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theonewiththenoisychild · 08/04/2013 10:35

dd Is In reception so is always learning and busy at school at home she has a 3ds and lots of toys but she gets very bored I was wondering what to get her to keep her brain busy she has lots of books to read so was looking for something electronic but want it to be educational can someone recommend a learning laptop or similar that might help Confused

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berryfreeze · 08/04/2013 10:47

My dd has the leap pad 2 which she loves you can get good educational games for it there is also a website called poisson rouge which is brilliant, both my dc's enjoy it

theonewiththenoisychild · 08/04/2013 11:55

she had the leapster explorer before I brought the ds and she didn't play it after we brought the ds so we sold it ds has innotab 2 and she wants one but with her birthday in October I'm looking for something cheap and cheerful for now but I'm now loading up my netbook for her to use that website just put it on dc's pc and we we swiftly booted off by dp who wants to play hid space rubbish Grin

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theonewiththenoisychild · 08/04/2013 11:56

dp's pc rather

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SavoyCabbage · 08/04/2013 12:05

So you have a DS and an innotab and a netbook and a PC and you want something to fill the gap till October until she gets her own innotab?

Kyrptonite · 08/04/2013 12:08

Drawing, painting, junk modelling, puppets, making up stories, this thing called the outside where they can play and exercise.

emalushka · 08/04/2013 12:11

You need to get her playing outside in the cold/warm weather, building dens, riding bikes, planting, making a wormery, using chalks, playing with sticks and generally exploring. It's not good being inside all the time and not good to use electronic items so frequently. I speak as an experienced reception class teacher and mum of 3.

theonewiththenoisychild · 08/04/2013 13:07

she hasn't been playing the pc or netbook they are mine and dp's she may not be getting an innotab I'm hoping to find an alternative as I think she would outgrow it plus she already has a ds for games. it's not always possible to go outside with her as I have a 3yo and a disabled partner but we do go outside to play I can't just send her out to play as the area we live in isn't the best

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theonewiththenoisychild · 08/04/2013 13:12

I put the website on today for her to play this is the first time she had had access to the netbook

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forevergreek · 08/04/2013 13:34

Tbh I would just let them share whatever electricals are in the house.

Is there a reason why you can't go out as have a 3 year old? Can't you all go out? Does your dhs disability mean he can get out in a wheelchair? Even a wander along path looking for leaves/ sticks / bugs like a treasure hunt could be done maybe

A brain is split into many parts and sections. Using a computer for example will only develop a few parts. Other parts need to be developed through other ways.

Swimming/ running/ scooter/ bike/ Indoor table sandpit to dig in ( make with rice/ polenta)/ paint/ play dough/ baking ( measuring, number etc), hide and seek, treasure hunt, jigsaws, reading, crafts, modelling, lego, imaginary play

Kyrptonite · 08/04/2013 13:37

Playing with her toys will help as well. Building story lines etc.

theonewiththenoisychild · 08/04/2013 13:44

we have a sandpit and a trampoline in the garden we go to local parks and soft play all of which she loves we have crayons and play doh and books in the house and are looking at swing sets for the garden they have bikes and scooters we don't keep the kids in the house I was looking for a educational toy for when we are in the house as outdoor activities are pretty much sorted dd likes swimming too despite all the technology in the house dc's are not constantly on computers Grin

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