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What toys to buy a second child?

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babybouncer · 16/03/2013 21:46

DS is 3 and dd is about to turn 1, but I'm really struggling to think of what to get her that she would like but we don't already have (stacking cups, little people, blocks, pull along toys, trike) and isn't a 'girl toy' (doll, pram, pink tea set etc). She doesn't crawl/walk yet and for Xmas she mainly got clothes and doesn't need any more.

Any suggestions? Please?

OP posts:
StellaNova · 16/03/2013 21:54

We had the same age gap. DS2 has had a lot of outdoor toys - sandpit, water tray, wheelbarrow etc- as we didnt have a garden when DS1 was that age.

For his first birthday we got him a memory box. He didn't need any toys really. He also got books - is always good to have new books for the adult reading them mainly!

LadyWidmerpool · 16/03/2013 21:56

Our loved the V Tech toot toot cars.

looseleaf · 16/03/2013 22:04

It sounds neglectful but we didn't get DS any toys- decided he has enough with Dd's and what really matters to him is us interacting and playing and he's a real bookworm. I think we just bought some nice clothes to mark the day and friends have given him some trucks and other lovely things but he really just wants to play with whatever DD is!
His first Christmas we gave him a little rocking horse thing he still loves to play on and it's big enough that DD can enjoy it too. Hope you think of something & that it 's a special day!

gemma4d · 16/03/2013 22:08

DD2 is 2 in a few days. Have bought her ..... 2 books. One of which is second hand. She chooses to play with her sister's toys - I guess we are getting double-value out of them!

sjupes · 16/03/2013 22:24

I'll be experiencing this at some point - we'll have 20 months between dc2 and dc3 and ds has mostvthings anyway Hmm i'll second or third books tho you can never have too many pkus 'momento' gifts :)

sjupes · 16/03/2013 22:24

Damn typos!

theonewiththenoisychild · 08/04/2013 10:01

noisy toys at that age Hmm anything that makes a lot of noise seemed to go down well with my dc's. it does get a bit easier buying for a second child as they get older and they start to like certain tv characters and of course they start shouting I want that at the tv everytime an advert comes on. I have found I have ended up buying something dd had for ds just to stop the arguing Grin

Rhubarbgarden · 08/05/2013 18:31

I'm in the same boat with the same age gap. I've got ds a fraction of the volume we got dd for her first birthday. He just doesn't need anything and the novelty has worn off.

I've got him books and a soft toy, because he didn't get bought many soft toys when he was born and he loves soft things. Also got him a push along stick toy because although we've already got one it is very battered.

LouisWells · 09/05/2013 14:26

Bath toys have been a great hit for us at that age, we found that both enjoy them and play together with them.

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