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Innotab 2 advice

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sunny177 · 21/02/2013 07:55

Hi all,

Anyone have or have experience of an innotab 2? Want to get one for my dd birthday she's going to be 3. She is always trying to get hold of her brothers 3d ds and think it will be idea for car journeys etc.
Anyhow just wanted some advice, what do I ned to get with it? Are all games downloadable or should I get some too?

Any advice would be great! Thanks in advance!,

OP posts:
theonewiththenoisychild · 06/03/2013 09:28

I am getting one for my son's 3rd birthday we are buying 2 games with it you get a couple of apps pre loaded and get to choose 2 free to start you off we are also buying screen protectors from eBay and a lanyard for the pen that has his name on it also a 16gb sd card as using freemake on the pc and setting the correct presets for the innotab you can convert all DVDs and CDs and YouTube videos to the innotab and transfer them on to the innotab there is a American guy on YouTube who has loads of helpful videos for innotab 2 to help you get the most out of the innotab for your child I'm really excited about this for my son (sad I know) hope this helps

LadyFace · 06/03/2013 09:44

I bought one for my dd at christmas, she loves it. She has a couple of games but I've also downloaded games, books and songs from the vtech website. This is a good offer at Argos at the moment
£20 worth of apps, games etc for £14.99!

LadyFace · 06/03/2013 09:49

Get a battery charger and some rechargable batteries and an in-car charger as it only works from the mains or battery (you can't charge it up like a phone iyswim).

theonewiththenoisychild · 06/03/2013 10:08

take a look at travisgrindal page on YouTube very helpful

theonewiththenoisychild · 06/03/2013 12:37

oh and yeah rechargeable batteries are a must I'm buying ones that are 2400 mah as apparently innotab 2 is power hungry

Strikeuptheband · 12/03/2013 18:15


My DD turned 3 before Christmas and Father Christmas brought an Innotab 2. The first one had to be taken back because the screen was all yellow. I found that she loved it, but it was very frustrating for her to have it take sooo long for it to load up the next screen, and sometimes whe it went blak she would assume it was off and turn it on again. Also found the touchscreen not that responsive at all - not good with a young child who doesn't have the patience. ALso the game I got her to go with it seemed very limited. I only got her this one because of the ability to upload your own video. I had had a good experience with DS's leapster explorer (from a few years back) and heard the leappad 2 was faster to load, more responsive and also the age range is set from 3 rather than 4. So we went back to the shop with it after a couple of weeks and explained that the screen was really unresponsive, really not happy with it etc and got a refund, and then added on the extra tenner to get her the Leappad 2, which was infinitely better and compatible with DS's game cartridges and games. It is really much more responsive, better choice of apps and games, much much faster to load. Only thing is you can't add an extra SD card or upload your own TV for them, but you can buy them on the Leapfrog Connect.
So... just to suggest you not dismiss the Leappad 2 as IMO it is really worth looking at if you are looking at the Innotab 2 as it does much the same but faster and more responsive and better quality in general. Have a look at some of the comparison videos on Youtube etc and they all say similar.

Strikeuptheband · 12/03/2013 18:16

Sorry for the horrendous punctuation and typos, my keyboard is sticky and I have a huge headache Smile Blush

theonewiththenoisychild · 15/03/2013 12:21

I have had a little play with my ds innotab and it looks good I have put loads of YouTube videos on it aswell as his DVDs I have found a lot of apps on learning lodge I think he will like he is 3 and I think it's age appropriate from 3 maybe even younger for apps there's a finger painting app so gives you the idea of just how young you could introduce this to a child maybe the cartridges will be more advanced but I have seen a lot of reviews for games and people say they brought it for a 3 year old and had no problems so guessing age rang of 4+ is only a guide. I also like the fact you can pay for a single app via debit card from £2.99 so will be able to build apps up slowly and wont havens buy game cartridges as often as can buy apps when money is stretched Wink

theonewiththenoisychild · 15/03/2013 12:23

have to

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