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Doorway bouncer - too heavy for doorframe?

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needsadviceplease · 09/11/2012 19:43

Poss silly question! What are the chances my Lindam doorway bouncer (or, more accurately, my 6mo contained therein) will be too heavy for my doorframes? And if he is, will it be super-obvious straightaway?

Just moved, went to clip it to the doorway and it felt a bit odd, so I've given up on the idea for now. Has anyone had a problem?

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DrSeuss · 10/11/2012 19:37

I used to pull down hard on it to make sure it was OK then put baby in. If your door way really won't take a baby plus a bouncer, your house is about to fall down! Your surveyor would surely have noticed this?!

needsadviceplease · 11/11/2012 05:00

Grin I hope it's all alright, then. Thanks. Rented place, so no surveyor for my reassurance!

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