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Which bmx?

3 replies

Backtobedlam · 21/09/2012 14:35

Does anyone know (or can ask a ds) the best starter bmx to go for? Would be for riding at the park/woods, occasionally ramps (depending how he takes to them). Something super light and easy to control. Any help appreciated as I'm clueless!

OP posts:
wishiwasonholiday · 21/09/2012 14:36

Ds (aged 7) has a tony hawks one that I got from toys r us, mongoose ones are supposed to be good but are expensive I think.

SunWukong · 25/09/2012 13:00

Bmx are awful, they are stunt bikes a hell of a lot of peddling is needed to go not very far, they're no good for riding in woods and parks.

crazygracieuk · 25/09/2012 13:03

What's your budget?

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