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Can anyone advise me on stunt scooters please?

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ja9 · 18/09/2012 19:12

What is a good age for them? Any 'requirements' when shopping for one? How much do i need to spend to not regret 'buying cheap'?! Any stockists you recommend?


OP posts:
3duracellbunnies · 18/09/2012 19:19

We got a JD Bug for dd which seems really solidly built and rides well, but not sure how it would stand up to really heavy stunt use. Is great for off road school run though and tolerates some jumping. She was nearly 7 when she got it. Currently just under 50 pounds in toys r us.

Have seen quite a few older boys with them at school. Probably not so cool in the skate park when you are 15 though.

cece · 18/09/2012 19:24

I have asked DS1.

He said.

From the age of 7 is a good age.

Requirements are - get one with grip tape, small wheels are good, t bar handlebars also needed. Get one with a short brake, not too long.

Minimum spend £70...

Cool makes is (in cheap price range) is either Blazer or Zinc Mayhem. More expensive options are MGP or District or Pheonix.

Disclaimer - I have no idea what most of this means....

cece · 18/09/2012 19:26

Should add DS1 said JD Bug are not cool on the ramps compared to other ones he has mentioned. (sorry)

upinthehills · 18/09/2012 19:26

If you want to get a proper one, personally I would take a walk along to your local skate park at the weekend and see what they are using. Don't be afraid to ask a friendly looking youth under 10 - they will happily tell you their make and what you should get.

I did this and decided that the scooter we have will do for now so have forgotten the salient points I'm afraid!

ja9 · 18/09/2012 20:36

This is all very very helpful...thank you. Ds is 8. Will have a good look at the various links now. Thank you.

OP posts:
WeAllHaveWings · 18/09/2012 21:04

ds(8) is desparate for a MGP scooter as all his pals say this is the one to get

wants stunt pegs for it as well

cece · 18/09/2012 23:29

oh yes that one is popular... and yes to stunt pegs and all the accessories...

Ilovecake1 · 07/10/2012 21:40

Just bought a grit scooter in the summer for my 6 yr old, I think he's on it more than off it! Lol. Cost £80 and he designed and choose the colours he wanted. Fab buy

ja9 · 31/10/2012 10:00

so..... stunt pegs and all the accessories???? Do any come with stunt pegs or do you source and buy them separately? Are they generic or specific to brand? What other accessories are there? Feel like I'm venturing into a whole new world...!!

OP posts:
crazygracieuk · 31/10/2012 10:07

Stunt pegs are not expensive and easy to fit.

Uncool- JD Bug, anything foldable
Cool - MGP, Phoenix

Mine have one that's in between. The accessories I got were stunt pegs, grip tape and handle grips. I bought a medium priced stunt scooter (70 quid ish) which might explain why I needed the last 2 things- premium ones like MGP might come with better quality.

Round here 6 seems to be the minimum age- my 6 year old can bunny hop on his scooter and he's not the most coordinated kid.

crazygracieuk · 31/10/2012 10:12

The cool ones seem to be 100 quid +, cheap would be under 50 and medium in between.
My son's was about 70 and has needed new wheels, grips and grip tape but he uses it a lot and custom accessories make the scooter more individual which looks cool.

ja9 · 31/10/2012 10:43

Thank you!

I won't be spending £100+.... !!

OP posts:
ukskater · 29/11/2012 23:51

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ukskater · 29/11/2012 23:57

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Dachsiefan · 13/12/2013 13:01

Hi, I know this is an old discussion but I've been reading up a bit about all the different scooters as my 9 yo is wanting an upgrade for Xmas. I've noticed that Micro have greatly reduced the price of some of the stunt scooters and thought it'd be great to share in case anyone else is in the same boat as we are and wanting a good deal.

This Micro MX is half price and looks very nice for under £100

Electricscooter · 06/09/2016 14:58

You will now find at pretty much all skate parks some young people who have well built scooters working on their tricks and stunts.

Awaywiththefairied · 19/08/2017 23:11

Hi, I realise this post is old however I am researching stunt scooters for my boy who will be 6 very soon. He is obsessed with tricks, stunts etc.
After reading perhaps far too much I have narrowed it to 3 - micro mx trix (which is slightly more than I really wanted to pay) the Grit Atom Pro or MADD Mini Kick Pro ll.
When we looked at bikes not so long ago I noticed how much heavier they were (looking at 20") He struggled to handle them purely because of weight. I live no where near any shops that sell these scooters so I don't know if a heavier scooter will be problematic. I also worry about size of foot plate-research says good for younger rider but surely only if your foot will fit. (Embarrassingly he scoots on a 'my first scooter' at the moment (2 wheel) and struggles now because it is too small. I personally over the yrs of buying scooters (not stunt) have ended up binning them as I get annoyed with the handles- either slipping down or twisting. This will be a major issue if purchasing at these kind of prices- is it normal for scooters or I'm I buying rubbish (always had razor except first scooter).Please help

Ellavoyette · 13/08/2018 13:15
proscooter · 14/11/2018 08:07

Follow this:

It may help you are interested in scooter stuff.

WhirlyGigWhirlyGig · 14/11/2018 08:23

Just beware if they do get in to it then it will cost a fortune. My son, 13, builds his own now with parts. The knee pads get regularly replaced, the helmet and gum shield will need replacing. Grip tape can wear out quite quickly. Then add is the cost of trips to indoor skate parks. It's literally taken over our lives Confused

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