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Playmobil vs Sylvanian Families longevity

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Heartbeep · 09/09/2012 20:02


DD will be 3.5 at Xmas (I appreciate it's only sept but DC2 is due in the next few weeks and I'm trying to get my head organised at least) and I think she would like some form of dolls house. I feel a normal dolls house she'll tire of quickly.

She has a playmobil ark which she plays with quite a lot.

Today we were in a toy shop and she was immediately attracted to Sylvanian families stuff. I have to admit I've never really liked the look of it, but it's not for me!

I've had a look at the playmobil house which looks brilliant but is v expensive new so I'm keeping an eye out for it discounted between now and Xmas.

However Sylvanian families seems to work out cheaper as you get all the bits with it, what I wondered is which she is likely to play with more i.e. I'm pretty sure she'd play with playmobil for years to come but does Sylvanian families have the same lasting appeal?

Can anyone advise based on their experience?

Many thanks.

OP posts:
honoraglossop · 09/09/2012 20:06

I have boys so dont know about sylvanian families...... however my DS aged 8 still plays with the playmobil with his younger brothers just dont tell his mates

CatOnAHotTinFoof · 09/09/2012 20:17

I don't know about Sylvanian Families either. I assumed that they would get dirty and tatty quickly as they aren't plastic.

Dd1 played with Playmobil at least until she was 7 and then occasionally afterwards.

I don't buy the branded houses, though, as they are very expensive. I usually take a playmobil person along to the shop and buy a generic dolls house which is the right size for playmobil.

CatOnAHotTinFoof · 09/09/2012 20:18

That makes it sound like dd has lots of dolls houses - she doesn't.

Cwm · 09/09/2012 20:28

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Heartbeep · 14/09/2012 15:53

Thanks all, seems quite unanimous.

Playmobil it is!

Good idea to buy a regular house will keep an eye out.

OP posts:
bruffin · 14/09/2012 16:16

You would get a lot more play years out of Sylvanian families. I have know girls play with it into their teens. DDs friends were still wanting presents of it when they were 10 or 11. I cant imagine playmobil being that attractive to children of that age.

bruffin · 14/09/2012 16:32

Also Sylvanian Families hands do grip.

IHeartKingThistle · 14/09/2012 16:41

DD has Sylvanians. DS has just got into Playmobil. I like the Sylvanian stuff but I can't believe how good the quality of Playmobil is. I think you get more bits and pieces for your money with Playmobil tbh. For example, the DC are really into campervans/caravans after going on holiday so I am planning to get the playmobil camper for DS and the sylvanian camper for dd for christmas. The playmobil is on offer at the moment and comes with the figures, bikes, furniture etc. I'm going to have to buy Sylvanian figures, bikes etc. (not cheap!) as they are not included, and it will cost a lot more for the equivalent present! The playmobil accessories and figures seem to be way cheaper.

UnnamedFemaleProtagonist · 14/09/2012 16:47

My boys both love Sylvanian families probably on a par with playmobil.

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