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Anyone have the Hello Kitty laptop (or VTech similar product)?

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theliverpoolone · 23/07/2012 19:01

I'm just looking at kids laptops for my dd's 5th birthday. She's expressed an interest in a VTech pink one (seen in the Argos catalogue!), but searching online I've also noticed there's a Hello Kitty one. If anyone has either of these, are they any good? And does the Hello Kitty one have an American or English voiceover?
Thanks Smile.

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IHeartKingThistle · 23/07/2012 19:09

Vtech laptop here - the orange one. No idea if it's similar to the Hello Kitty one though!

DS (3) likes it and it has taught him to use a mouse. It has lots of different activities. BUT it has a ridiculously small, green, pixellated screen, worse than a 1980s GameBoy IYSWIM - similar to the screen my first mobile phone had. It doesn't stop DS enjoying it but it's SO far away from any sort of 'real' technology that they will be using in the future. We have an iPad which he also uses and the difference is massive. I'm not recommending you buy your 5 year old an Ipad of course! It's a good toy but the screen is v. poor which at times makes it hard for the child to grasp what they have to do in each game. IME! DS is younger than your DD though so may have a totally different experience.

HTH - a but rambly, sorry!

theliverpoolone · 24/07/2012 09:59

thanks for your reply. Yes, I'd read that the screens are small. Will give it some more thought - its meant to be the present from her grandparents, so I need to make sure they get something she'll like. I think she thinks she'd be abke to get Cbeebies games on her own laptop!

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