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Meccano - just officially complained to them!

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countydurhamlass · 17/04/2012 13:16

just thought i would let you all know of the useless service i have received from Meccano. I bought my ds a meccano set for Christmas (never bought any before). It came in a box and the parts were in a single plastic sealed bag. On Christmas Day my son opened it and to our dismay there was a part missing. During Christmas and New Year I sent an email through their website and received an email from them on 3rd January 2012 saying they would send a replacement part and that I would receive it within 6-8 weeks. DS therefore couldnt play with his Christmas present and was extremely upset by this. As if that wasnt bad enough I have emailed them again a few weeks ago (no reply) as I still havent received the missing part. Today I have made a complaint to them. I will not be buying Meccano again.

OP posts:
Ryoko · 17/04/2012 18:01

Should have just taken it back to the shop.

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