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micro maxi or micro sprite for my 6 year old dd??

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rosane · 05/03/2012 23:50

hi everyone, basically dd has a mini micro since she was 3 and loves it. shes now too big for it and we walk to school so really need a new scooter. dd wants the micro sprite but im not sure if they handle well on bumps (if they topple or lose control of steering) as the other cheaper 2 wheelers do. the 3 wheelers seem more stable and less tiresome for their little legs.!!

so please someone help me out in choosing should i get her the maxi (three wheeler for big kids) or the metal sprite??
need to get her one asap as i have promised her to get it soon (oopsie) :)

OP posts:
WineOhWhy · 06/03/2012 00:49

We have one of each and DCs prefer maxi by far, although sprite was good for developing balance which helped with bike riding. maxi is very Solid and think will last for years. Although sprite a lot cheaper, have had some problems with the sprite with the handlebar twisting round so not in line with wheels.

Chippychop · 27/03/2012 20:43

Going to watch this my soon to be 6 ds wants the metal 2 wheeler

TheRedQueen · 27/03/2012 20:54

I'll be watching too. Same issue for DD, now 6.5. We are sort of leaning towards the maxi, mainly because it stands up on its own. Just wish you could collapse it easily too.

letseatgrandma · 27/03/2012 21:17

We have the mini one for DD who's 3 and debated what to get for DD (age 8) and went for the maxi-she loves it and it's so sturdy that I can ride on it!!

DS who is 10 still pinches the Maxi half the time when she's not looking as it's often floatin around the house, but likes his bog standard two-wheeler. I hate it though as it falls over all the time!

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