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recommendations for 5 year old

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ecstatica · 15/02/2012 12:33

DS2's 5th birthday tomorrow, my dad wants to buy him some kind of hand held computer gadget as he loves playing on my phone. I've had a look at some on offer but don't really think much of them, the screens do not look great and they don't seem to be worth the money, but I am no expert so need some advice.
Can anyone help with a pressie for DS?
Is there a handheld gadget that we could get him? A game? Educational or otherwise? Or is it a waste of money at his age.
Thanks in advance.

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emlu67 · 15/02/2012 15:35

I thought about getting a similar thing for my DS at the same age however decided to wait another year and then get him a Nintendo DSi. DD has one and they are far superior to five minute wonder gadgets with small screens that can be difficult to read. My DCs have had these and got bored very quickly. The DSi is expensive but a second hand one is probably better than a lot of other things on the market and with so many games to choose from he won't outgrow it. I will definitely get one for DS when he is 6 and a bit less likely to throw / drop it along with a protective case.

ecstatica · 15/02/2012 16:23

Thanks Emlu.
I had a look at the leap pad and decided to wait too. He has two brothers close in age and I can see a lot of bickering going on.
I took my dad to Waterstones and we came away with a nice selection of Lego, Wally book, Dr. Seuss and a few bits for his brothers.
Boring me! At least I know he loves them.
Thanks again.

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