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Cot toy (from about 18 years ago)

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Ama28 · 26/01/2012 15:22

My son is now waking up and playing in his cot with his cuddly toys, and i remember from 18 years ago or so when my brother was the same age, he had a teddy shape toy that was attached tot he cot bars and he used to play with this for ages.
I have looked on the net for something similar, alas, in such a time that has passed, i cant find it - or anything like it!
Mostly what i can find are curly bar toys and light and sound things.

Does anybody recall the teddy bear thing?
And can anyone recommend or link me up to a 'toy' that attached inside the cot that baby can play with?



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Bamaluz · 26/01/2012 19:37

I thought about that toy as soon as I read the title, my kids had it - here
Look for an activity centre, like this

Ama28 · 26/01/2012 20:17

Oh my god - thats it! Wow that brings back memories - so im that old things i recall from my youth are 'vintage'! Great.
That activity centre is perfect - thanks so much

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