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ELC Cash Register

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ThePerfectFather · 28/12/2011 17:45

Has anyone else got their kid one of these for Xmas?

My sis got one for my DD1 (3 in April) but although it seems like a great product, it's really shabbily made.

For one thing, the credit-card reader/chip and pin device thing which was a lot of fun stopped working completely only the next day.

Add to that problems with the til drawer either shooting open like some kind of torture device, or staying closed, it's got a lot of faults.

All in all - if you've seen it and thought about buying it, I would say don't bother. It's got some charming features - the money is great, the shopping items are fun - but the actual build quality is very poor.

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StealthPolarBear · 28/12/2011 17:47

DS has got one, it's OK. Our card reader still works (are you putting your number in right? Xmas Wink) - know what you mean about the drawer though.
I like the beep when you 'scan' an item though. All in all IMO it's one of ELC's better toys (which isn't saying much)

sleepevader · 28/12/2011 18:04

I find ELC really good about refunding onto a gift card if you don't have receipt. I would do that as it's faulty and buy something else!

FrankincenseStellaAndFries · 28/12/2011 18:08

DD3 got one for Christmas, the drawer is jet propelled I think!

ThePerfectFather · 28/12/2011 18:21

Oh that's good to know about the refunds, might give that a go. Like I said, I like the product just wish it was better made!

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