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does anyone have the chuggington train track with loop the loop

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fragglerocker · 16/12/2011 21:06

A friend bought this for my ds for christmas and I put some batteries in it so it's all ready to go on christmas morning. I thought i'd try it and see what it's like but the launcher bit that (i assume) launches it around the loop doesn't seem to 'launch' Xmas Confused it does work and the bits spin around but wilson just stays stuck and doesn't fly out. Is it faulty or I have gone wrong somewhere?

OP posts:
Jodonut · 01/01/2012 11:04

I bought the same for my grandson, and have noticed the EXACT same problem. It is also VERY noisy when running! I am looking at buying a bridge set to bypass the 'launcher' as he is upset by the noise - but it looks as if that may not be posssible due to the oddly modified fitting they have made where the launcher intersects the rails. Not impressed with the system so far.......

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