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What is the equivalent now of a popple - present ideas for a 5 yr old please.

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Conkertree · 25/11/2011 07:41

I remember really wanting a popple when I was about 7 or 8 (late 80s), and I am trying to think of a present for my niece (5.3) for Christmas. I wondered if there is an equivalent now - I looked up popples in Amazon but they dont seem to be the same anymore.

I am a bit clueless about buying for girls, so any ideas for 5 year olds girls would be great. Thanks.

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sommewhereelse · 25/11/2011 07:47

Never heard of popples. Suspect I am too old!

My DD is 6 and has asked FC for Pet Shops (little plastic animals with oversized heads). HTH

CaptainMartinCrieff · 25/11/2011 07:50

What's a popple? I was 12 in the the 'late 80s (1989 to be precise) and I've never heard of them?

Conkertree · 25/11/2011 21:36

Sorry went away too quickly from that. Popples were furry ball shaped animals that you could turn inside out and they became a ball. Sunds a bit rubbish now actually, but I remember everyone I knew having one.

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