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Where can I get clothes for a 30cm doll

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ElmMum · 21/11/2011 23:17

DD has recently starting playing with the ELC 'my first doll' she was given ages and ages ago - she now takes it everywhere when just a few months ago it was slung face-down in the toy box.

I want to get her some extra clothes for it for Christmas but ELC don't do any outfits for it at all, only for the next size up doll, Tilly-something-or-other, which I don't really like and which DD showed no interest in at all in the shop.

So, wondered whether there are other similar sized dolls which have other outfits which I could buy and which would fit the ELC doll.

Cheap, preferably! Some of the clothes I've seen online are the same price as clothes for actual children!!

Any help v gratefully received

OP posts:
winnybella · 21/11/2011 23:19

Corolle do clothes for 30cm dolls, but they are not cheap, 10-20 pounds on Amazon.

patchworkchick · 26/11/2011 18:08

have you tried or

pixipie151 · 09/12/2011 22:38

I am having same problem with a Gotz mini muffin doll - 33cm. Try baby annabel/born first size dolls - bit grim but not expensive. other than that, I've considered buying a 30cm dolls world doll and pinching the clothes off its back! works out cheaper than some pricy dolls clothes!

Good luck and let me know if you find anything interesting!

hohohEauRouge · 13/12/2011 09:46

I'm looking for doll clothes too. This site has loads and is v reasonably priced but can't guarantee Christmas delivery (DD1 has announced that FC is bringing her baby some new pyjamas). Amazon has quite a lot of choice too.

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