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Please help me find my daughter's mobile

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babylann · 18/11/2011 13:36

DD is 18 months. We know she's a bit "old" for a mobile, but she's had one that seems to be a comforter for her for quite a long time. We have a camera in her room and watch her after we've put her in her cot. She plays around for a little while, puts her mobile on and lies down and falls asleep. If she wakes up, sometimes she turns it on to help her go back to sleep for a bit longer.

It ran out of batteries. My dad had the week off work so went to get batteries to fix it. He said when he opened it up to replace the batteries, it was rusty and wouldn't work anymore so he threw it away.

She hasn't slept properly since. She hasn't had a nap during the day for 2-3 days now, and refuses to sleep in the evening too, staying awake for at least 2 hours after her bedtime, crying horribly and then waking up every couple of hours through the night - after a long time of sleeping through and maybe waking up once per night at most.

The mobile was big and a light green colour. It played "Edvard Grieg - Morgenstimmung". We've tried different mobiles, put a CD player in her room with a collection of nursery rhymes etc, none seem to make her as comfortable and happy.

Does anyone have this mobile, or had it previously, and know what it's called and where we can buy another one from? I can't remember where it was from originally, I think it was either given to us or purchased at a market / carboot by a relative.

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