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Which children's kitchen?

14 replies

monkeypuzzeltree · 24/10/2011 11:37

There are so many and I am happy to spend around £150 but do I go for a big plastic one or are the wooden ones better? Little Tikes do a wooden one as well as plastic, I just can't decide. Slightly concerned at the time it will take to build a wooden one, but happy to try if it is worth it.

Your experience appreciated!

OP posts:
CoralRose · 24/10/2011 15:13

Ikea.... Best kitchen EVER. Plus all the little food/utensil sets they do are lovely. Better than any others I've seen by far, plus they don't stand pug like a sore thumb. You,ll get plenty of change from 150, enough to kit it out and some

WhatWouldLeoDo · 24/10/2011 20:30

The wooden ones are much easier on the eye I think. We got a red wooden one from elc last year - it probably took about 2 hours to build but it wasn't difficult. Some of the plastic ones are quite bulky too.

If you're looking at them on the Internet make sure you check out the measurements. I looked at some lovely ones last year but then realised that the were quite small and thought DS would, quite literally, grow out of them.

glitterkitty · 24/10/2011 20:34


Lovely and not too expensive. And the accessories are great.

WhatWouldLeoDo · 24/10/2011 20:35

Is it the little tikes one with the washing machine? That's quite cute - I'd prefer that to a plastic one.

Gemjar · 24/10/2011 20:37

some of the plastic ones do look a bit crap, but I think that the bright colours make good ones look better than some of the wooden ones that just look a bit beige. We got this for DS1 for christmas last year and him and DS2 love it. It is a bit chunkier and sturdier looking than a lot of them which don't look like they would withstand a 3 year old and an 11 month old at all.

YougreatPumpkinmousse · 24/10/2011 20:38

We have the Little Tikes wooden one - it took 4 hours to put together but it has been worth it. Our DDs got one last christmas and it is still the most played with toy in our house. So much better than the plastic one they have at the grandparents.

BiscuitNibbler · 24/10/2011 20:38

DD has the Little Tikes wooden one with the washing machine. It was a pain to put together but looks really nice and she plays with it every day, so worth the effort.

monkeypuzzeltree · 24/10/2011 22:01

Thanks ladies, very helpful. The ikea one is nice, but sadly doesn't have a washing machine which is key for DD! So, now to find the little tikes one at the best price!

OP posts:
YougreatPumpkinmousse · 24/10/2011 22:16

We got ours from Tesco direct and used clubcard vouchers to pay for some of it or here looks the cheapest with free delivery.

BiscuitNibbler · 25/10/2011 05:46

We got ours from Tesco Direct too, although it was sent direct from Little Tikes iirc. The washing machine was the reason we chose it too!

herecomesthsun · 25/10/2011 07:52

We got a Little Tikes house off Ebay for DS. It is one of the biggest they do, was £150ish second hand and has a built in kitchen. Best of all, it does not take up room in the house! But it doesn't have a washing machine as such.

YougreatPumpkinmousse · 25/10/2011 08:40

Ours was also delivered directly from Little Tikes - they rang me the day after I ordered and gave me a delivery date, I then got an e-mail with a tracking number.

ChipsnCheese · 29/10/2011 21:31

Janod - it's a wooden one; really easy to put together. DS aged 3 plays with it throughout the day, every day. Though i have now seen the ikea one and it does look pretty peachy - if you can be bothered to go to hell to get it.

ChipsnCheese · 29/10/2011 21:34

sorry - just seen your washing machine stipulation. We get around that by DS doing our real washing!

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