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Innotab vs leapPad tablet

13 replies

tokentotty · 08/10/2011 13:07

can anyone help or advise as to which is the best?? Or why did you choose the one you have?

OP posts:
simpson · 09/10/2011 13:20

can't help much sorry as I don't have one yet but am looking into getting a leappad tablet for my DC (6 & 3)

Looked at the innotab but don't think it comes with a camera so that was a deal breaker for me Smile

tokentotty · 10/10/2011 11:52

Thanks Simpson, you're right about the camera although we've got a kiddizoom camera and that plugs straight in to the Innotab hence me being even more confused!

OP posts:
Dillydollydaydream · 10/10/2011 11:56

I'm looking at getting ds(5) one, possibly the leappad one because of thebuilt in camera. But if you already have one not sO much of a decision maker!

toughday · 13/10/2011 12:09

I'm in the same dilemma, I want to get it now before they all go out of stock. From what I have read in reviews so far the leappad is very good but eats the batteries as there is no charger with it and the apps are expensive. I would like to get a review of the innotab to see what it is like.

Moodykat · 20/10/2011 23:44

Me too! Am marking my place hoping someone comes along who might know!

SaintBelle · 22/10/2011 19:21

hope this helps Think it will be the innotab here, if we can find one in stock!!

MonsterBookOfHorrors · 22/10/2011 19:26

Ds is getting a leap Pad. We chose it due to the fact it looks better. More like 'daddy's' IYKWIM whereas I think the innotab is quite box like Hmm

BlondeBatgirl · 22/10/2011 20:59

Amazon have a few innotabs SaintBelle have just bought one for ds birthday! Grin

SaintBelle · 22/10/2011 21:43

Thanks Blonde, will check it out!

NoPinkPlease · 26/10/2011 07:19

We've gone for the innotab as it has an mp3 player. Spent yesterday evening downloading all our iTunes on to it - very easy. Proof will be when the birthday boy opens it on Friday, but I had fun playing with it! Grin

Moodykat · 26/10/2011 12:49

I'll (hopefully) be getting the Innotab as DS is getting a Kiddizoom from Grandma!

Fairykate · 29/10/2011 20:42

Hi, I am in the same quandary - DS(4) also already has a Kidizoom and DD(2) will be getting hers for Christmas (so that DS can actually get a go on his!). BUT I do have a massive "thing" about accents. Please could anyone answer whether either the Innotab or the Leappad have British accents (either on the software and on the pre-loaded areas)? Thanks so much! xx

BringBackPacers22 · 05/11/2011 01:27

Check out which should hopefully answer any questions you have regarding which is better suited for your dc. I think I'm going for the innotab. I want to be able to put videos etc onto the sd card and thinking of getting a kiddizoom for DD anyway, this is more for a surprise to keep her quiet in the car when we go on holiday next year, think I can get it through clubcard exchange so thought I would by it now.

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